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Why is Multipure the Better Water Choice?

Better for your Health

Water is the universal solvent.  The Earth is about 70% water, and so are our bodies.  Healthy functioning of our cells, tissues, our brain and our organs depends on both the quantity and quality of that water.  Today our environment is challenged by thousands of toxic chemicals that can show up in drinking water.  Heavy metals like lead can leach into water from our plumbing.  Biological organisms and parasites like giardia and cryptosporidia are an ever-present threat.

Even more common is the routine chlorination of public water supplies which produces harmful disinfection by-products.  Why expose yourself to potential risk?    MULTIPURE is NSF-certified to reduce these risks.  It often tastes better than tap water and in a sense, you are what you DRINK!

men carry bottle on back. Isolated 3D imageBetter than Bottled Water

Did you know that more than 1/4 of all bottled water is simply re-processed tap water?  Did you know that bottled water often undergoes less testing than your tap water, and at a cost a thousand times what you pay for tap water?  Or that only 14 % of all those plastic bottles actually get recycled?

Today, people care about not only their own health but the health of the planet.  By using a MULTIPURE FILTER you can produce your own healthy water in your own kitchen for only 8 cents a gallon and eliminate all those wasteful bottles.  Convenience, cost, purity.

Better than the Other Filters

mp-faucetRated #1 by leading consumer magazines, MULTIPURE has long been the recognized leader.  For more than 40 years, since developing the first solid carbon block filter, MULTIPURE has consistently been the best-tested and certified filter out there.

With its stainless steel construction, lifetime warrantee and NSF certification leadership, it is head and shoulders above the competition.  Compact, durable, reliable, with a proven track record.

Why settle for a cheap plastic pitcher or faucet-mounted system that is mediocre at best and a hassle to use?  You deserve the best.  For life.

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