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David Green

DG HeadshotI started by purchasing a unit for my family, then shared the product  with people I knew. Now, 29 years later I have sold over 3000 systems, more than any other Multipure distributor.  I attribute my success to being passionate about the product and my commitment to providing excellent service to all my customers.  With every sale I feel good because I know I have helped someone purchase a great, long-lasting product that will help them enjoy clean, healthy water that will save them money and hassle and is a good choice for the planet.

Good nutrition, exercise, ecology and wholistic healing are all part of who I am.  In years past, I was a licensed acupuncturist with the Cambridge Center for Holistic Health, residential home energy advisor for Mass Save and local forager for Whole Foods Market.  I have a wife, Barbara, and three wonderful adult children, one of whom (Theresa) is actively working with me on building Multipure.  My home and office is in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Theresa Green


Me and the ‘enemy’…plastic bottle man.

I can’t remember not drinking Multipure water. In high school I did my chemistry project on the chemical process of activated carbon filtration. When I went off to college my dorm kitchen had an above sink unit. I’m not going to say it was the main reason I made new friends but it didn’t hurt. That filter followed me through the string of apartments I lived in during my 20’s.

When Jesse and I bought our own home my father showed up with an under sink unit for our house warming gift! I’ve been so impressed with the quality of the product that I wanted to become a distributor myself as a second career.

As a world traveler and a high school Earth and Environmental Science teacher I have learned a lot about the ways we impact the environment and ways in which the environment impacts us. I like promoting a product that helps people get protection against new contaminants that our current clean water legislation does not yet monitor without sacrificing the environment like bottled water does. I look forward to helping bring Multipure to a new generation of young families concerned about their health and the environment.

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