Drinking Water Systems

LOWEST PRICES GUARANTEED.    Multipure has instituted a national uniform retail price beginning July 1, 2013;  discounting is no longer allowed by any distributor, whether in person, at a show, or on the internet.

When you place your order here, you are ordering factory direct.   All filtration systems come with a lifetime warrantee on the housing and a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

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Aquaversa: Below Sink Filter with its own Faucet

Model #Multipure Aquaversa MP750 with Below Sink Kit


This long-lasting, high quality stainless steel model is our top-seller for folks who own their own home. Like all of our filters it uses a solid carbon block that combines mechanical filtration, electrokinetic adsorption, and physical adsorption to remove the widest range of contaminants from your water.

It includes a designer filter faucet that is installed at the sink, for drinking and cooking.  You will still have your regular spigot for doing dishes, etc.   If the faucet does not match your decor you may purchase other custom color designer faucets for an additional $15. Installation is generally do-it-yourself, handyman or plumber.  It is possible to install this even with a granite counter (contact us for granite instructions).



Retail Price: $430 (includes faucet kit) Buy Now Factory Direct

Aquaperform Below Sink System for the Reduction of Arsenic

aquaperform-belowModel #Multipure Aquaperform 880 with Below Sink Kit

If you know that arsenic is a problem in your area or if you are concerned that it might be this filter is for you. It reduces all the same contaminants as our standard carbon block filters as well as Arsenic V.  (NSF certification)

Like the Aquaversa, this system comes with its own designer faucet and the stainless steel housing has a lifetime warrantee.  The unit is taller than the Aquaversa and the filter is rated for 600 rather than 750 gallons.  Custom color faucets add $15.

Retail Price: $550.00 (includes faucet kit) Buy Now Factory Direct

Information on Arsenic in Drinking Water:

Aquadome: Cost-effective Countertop Filter

To get this filter order Model MPAD

Model #AQDome

This cost-effective model gives you our great filter in a lower-cost plastic casing so it removes the widest range of contaminants from your water at the lowest cost.  It is ideal for students, perfect for apartment kitchens and great for transporting to vacation spots.

Easy five minute do-it-yourself installation and maintenance.  It allows you to switch between tap and filtered water with the flick of a toggle.  Change the filter every 12 months or 750 gallons.

Please note: If your faucet has a pullout sprayer on the end of it, then the countertop filtration units cannot be connected. If this is your situation, consider a below sink Multipure (“Aquaversa”).


Retail Price: $300.00  Buy Now Factory Direct

Aquaversa: Stainless Steel Countertop Filter

Model #Multipure Aquaversa 750 with Countertop Kit

aquaversa-countertop-largeThis long lasting, high-quality stainless steel model is a great option for folks who rent or do not want to hire help to install their filter.  It uses Multipure’s solid carbon block filter  to remove the widest range of contaminants from your water.

This countertop unit attaches easily to all standard faucets without any special tools and allows users to switch between filtered and tap water by pushing a button.  Great for apartments, travel and vacation homes.  It can be converted to below sink at a later date if desired with the purchase of a conversion kit.

Please note: If your faucet has a pullout sprayer on the end of it, then the countertop filtration units cannot be connected. If this is your situation, consider a below sink Multipure (“Aquaversa”).


Retail Price: $430.00 (includes countertop kit)  Buy Now Factory Direct

Aquaperform Countertop System for the Reduction of Arsenic

mp-aquaperform-countertopModel #Multipure Aquaperform 880 with Countertop Kit

The countertop version of this Arsenic V system is ideal for people who rent their home or may be moving in the near future. It hooks up to easily to any standard faucet and is quick and easy to install yourself.  Taller than the Aquaversa countertop unit, the filter inside is rated for 600 gallons.

Please note: If your faucet has a pullout sprayer on the end of it, then the countertop filtration units cannot be connected. If this is your situation, consider a below sink Multipure (“Aquaversa” or “Aquaperform”).

Retail Price: $550.00 (includes countertop kit) Buy Now Factory Direct


aquaminiMultipure’s Aquamini provides powerful filtration in a compact size.  It is roughly half the size and half the price!  This convenient countertop drinking water system connects quickly and easily to most existing faucets, allowing it to be set up and removed from location to location within minutes.

Ideal for students, travel, bathrooms or small apartment kitchens, Aquamini  utilizes the same formula as Multipure’s renowned CB6 filter.  The filter is rated for 250 gallons.  This system can now also be installed under a sink, which makes it ideal for bathrooms and inline for icemakers.  Check with us to be sure which additional parts are needed.

Retail Price:  $170.00  Buy Now Factory Direct

Multipure Reverse Osmosis System

Model #AquaRO

This system combines the standard under sink solid carbon block filter with 3 additional pre-filters and a reverse osmosis membrane. There is a 3.2 gallon holding tank to ensure that you will always have plenty of water.

Reverse osmosis is especially useful for well water and hard water situations since it removes minerals.  It is also certified to remove fluoride from your municipal water.  If removing fluoride is one of your priorities, then this is the system for you.

The AquaRO is more complex than our single-cartridge filter systems and takes up a good bit of space under the sink.  Often installation is done by a plumber and maintenance requires some diligence.  If you have questions, please contact us.

$605.00  Buy Now Factory Direct

RO-TechHow does an RO filter work?

Stage 1: Sediment Pre-filter screens out particles
Stage 2: Carbon block pre-filters remove chlorine and other materials that could damage RO membrane
Stage 3: Reverse Osmosis membrane reduces salts, flouride, and other unwanted contaminants
Stage 4: Carbon block post-filter mechanically, and electokinectically captures heavy metals and a wide range of other unwanted contaminants
Stage 5: filtered water is stored in a 3.2 gallon steel storage tank ready to be used by the flip of the faucet switch!

Reverse Osmosis vs. Activated Carbon Block technology

Multipure sells both filtration technologies because they are both great systems for getting clean water but there are differences. Both remove a wide range of harmful contaminants and will leave your water tasting and smelling excellent. Both have th same 90 day money back guarantee to make sure you are happy with your choice. Which filter you get depends on your filtration needs and preferences. Give us a call if you want help deciding which is best for you!

Reverse Osmosis

  • removes flouride (some do not want it due to health concerns)
  • removes Hexavalent Chromium
  • removes dissolved minerals generally considered beneficial to health (such as calcium) but can be a nuisance when used in irons, humidifiers and other household appliances that can build up mineral deposits as water evaporates and leaves them behind
  • somewhat limited short-term supply of water based on the volume of the storage tank, water not as cool after sitting in storage tank
  • is more expensive, has more parts and takes up more under sink space
  • wastes more water
  • costs more to maintain (more filters to replace)

Activated Carbon Block

  • does NOT remove flouride (some like it for cavity prevention)
  • does NOT remove hexavalent chromium
  • leaves dissolved minerals generally considered beneficial to your health in water (such as calcium)
  • never runs out, your system can quickly filter water to keep up with demand, water stays cool
  • is less expensive, has very few parts, takes up less space
  • does not waste water
  • costs less to maintain (less filters)

aquasourceAquasource: Whole House System


The Multipure Aquasource is a whole house water solution, providing powerful filtration at point-of-entry, and ensuring that every water outlet in the home delivers cleaner, more healthful water.  That means  kitchen sink, icemaker, shower, bath, bathrooms, even laundry and dishwasher.

The stainless steel housing ensures durability and differentiates it from all other whole house systems which are generally plastic.  The three carbon block filters inside are superior to the granular charcoal filters in competitors’ products.

Your plumber would install Aquasource in the garage or basement, often where the water supply enters your house.  An array  of three substantial solid carbon block filters ensures that it reduces the presence of contaminants while maintaining the high water pressure needed to supply all the sinks, baths, and showers in your house.  Homeowner can do all maintenance.  Designed to produce 100,000 gallons of clean water before you need to change the filters (probably once a year, depends on usage).


Retail Price:  $1700.00  Buy Now Factory Direct

Bottle-less Water Coolers (Coolers are not a Multipure product)

These coolers  are suitable for home or office when instant hot and cold filtered water is desired. The coolers are from Vertex Corporation and the filters are from Multipure.  Once purchased and installed there is no bottle or delivery hassle and cost, just replace the internal Multipure filter when necessary and you have excellent tasting clean water available all the time, hot or cold!

For smaller kitchens and spaces, we can also quote prices for a countertop version of this same water cooler.

  • Two temperature system
    • Cold: 37-50º F, Adjustable
    • Hot: 185º F, Auto control
  • LED indicator for hot and cold water on the front panel
  • Individual on/off control switches for cold and hot water on rear panel
  • Completely sealed stainless steel cold reservoir and hot tank
  • Convenient, enclosed, no-drip dispensing faucets (safety lock for hot water)
  • Multi-Pure MP750SI filtration system is purchased separately from the cooler and is easily accessible for replacing filter
  • Warranty: 1 year full system, 3 year on cooling system (compressor, thermostat, etc.), Lifetime Warranty on MP750SI housing, 90 day money back satisfaction guarantee on whole system
  • Countertop coolers are also available by special order
  • Feel free to call to discuss setup feasibility for your location.

    Model WC1000
    Retail Price: $425.00 + Multipure’s Aquaversa inline filter $385.00 (doesn’t include delivery and installation)


    Chlorine Reducing Shower Filter

    showerfilterModel # AQSH

    Chlorine from your household shower is absorbed through the skin and inhaled from the bathroom air. Everyone who has been in a pool knows what chlorine can do to your hair, skin and eyes. This shower filter removes more than 90% of the chlorine in your shower water.  Each shower unit is packaged with an additional replacement filter at one low cost.

    Shower system includes 2 cartridges, one for now, one for replacement.  Recommended 9-12 months.

    • healthier, younger-looking skin
    • softer, more manageable hair, relief from dry skin and scalp
    • less fading on color-treated hair

    Retail Cost $56.00  Buy Now Factory Direct

    Inside the Shower Filter


    Water Distillers   (Note:  A Waterwise product, not Multipure)

    The countertop distiller we recommend is the model #4000 which regularly retails for $397 but is now on sale for $297 including shipping.

    Click here to place an order.
    distillerDistillers are a way to produce “purified” water without fluoride or minerals. The water they produce will be similar to Reverse Osmosis water, but with much less expense, installation cost and maintenance. The distillers I recommend are manufactured by a company called Waterwise. I am an affiliate of Waterwise and by clicking the link above you can learn more about the choices and order directly online.

    The distillation process uses evaporation and condensation to separate fresh water from its contaminants. The prolonged boiling process kills virtually all types of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses and parasites. It also filters out harmful minerals like fluoride, arsenic and nitrates as well as sodium. It uses small charcoal postfilters to reduce chemicals, VOCs, etc.

    Ideally, if you also have a Multipure filter you can use that water to fill your distiller.

    Operation of a distiller is simple. You just put it on the countertop and plug it in. Fill with one gallon of water and flip the switch on. It produces one gallon in 4-5 hours, so many people set it up at night so it can produce the water while they sleep. If one gallon seems to be not enough, brew up an extra gallon and keep one in the refrigerator while you are producing the second, and keep rotating them.

    The model #4000 has a stainless steel boiler and glass storage collection jar, automatic shutoff. The only maintenance required is to wipe out the mineral buildups inside the chamber, scrubbing it from time to time as the manufacturer recommends.



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