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Flint, Michigan: “Surreal on a daily basis”

Flint is gone from the headlines. Newscasters are on to new stories. But for the children and adults in Flint, the problem of lead poisoning from their water remains. Lead pipes underground are still there. People are still afraid to drink water from their taps. I know because I have seen it firsthand. I was […]

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Why I Love My MP Customers

Something incredible happened today. I am still “choked up” when I talk or write about it.  It has to do with Flint and Multipure and the kind heart of one of my customers. It personifies the spirit of this company and the people who love it. Today I was visiting with Margaret, a customer in […]

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“Bottled vs. Tap” Misses the Point!

I’ve been biting my tongue for several years now as I observe what I consider a phony debate between advocates of tap water vs. bottled. Around the country there is a movement to ban the sale of bottled water.  This is an argument that has a certain cache of environmental chic, an appeal to eco-conscious […]

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Top Ten Lessons from the Flint Age

The story of lead poisoning from water pollution in Flint Michigan has dominated the news cycles. Cover story on Time Magazine (Feb. 2016), Rachel Maddow, cable and network TV news, public radio. We’ve all been familiarized with the unfolding tragedy.   Because so many people have been affected, this may be the biggest water pollution story […]

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Water Woes on Cape Cod

Folks who live in New England affectionately refer to it as “The Cape”.  My brother in Texas, the family shtick maven, calls it “The Cod”.  Home to countless beautiful beaches, ponds, wildlife, fishing towns and year-round villages, Cape Cod is the place to go in the summer for healthy recreation.  Tourists come to swim in the waters […]

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Water Pollution Roulette, Anyone?

In the past sixty days, news of three separate water crises came to my attention. Three different problems, three different locales.  It’s easy to look away and say “it won’t happen here”…but who knows?  Why not be prepared by putting a Multipure Water Filter in place now BEFORE it happens where you live. First, I […]

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You Can Take it to the Bank

Today I got the following email from someone interested in our filters: “I was wondering if you are interested in coming up and giving us the options for a water filtration system.  Currently what we do is have a Poland Spring Bottled Water delivery for drinking and cooking water. We can go through about 40 […]

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Breast Cancer & Water: A Personal Tale

My customers are my teachers and today I got a jaw-dropping lesson.  It’s about breast cancer and a possible link with drinking water.  Breast cancer took my first wife, Gean, in 1992 so when my Multipure customer told her own story to me, I listened carefully: My customer had worked her whole life as a nurse.   She […]

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Hitting the Road With Multipure

Oh the Places You’ll Go!  (Dr. Seuss)  Over the years I have shipped Multipures to customers in more than 25 states.  Multipure has gone with me on overseas vacations.  And with more closeby customers, I get to travel to scenic and beautiful spots to deliver and/or install them. Today I drove up the coast on […]

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Comparing Filter Systems

I got a call yesterday from someone who was ready to get rid of her old water filtration system (“Omnipure”) and wanted to compare it to Multipure,  (pictured on the left).   She told me that twice in the past year she had ordered new filter cartridges online and both times when she installed them they leaked.  […]

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